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About Our Company :


Six years ago, we the Devagan Agri Tech Company got established as a supplier and trader Of agriculture and then we gradually established ourself as one among the leading manufacturer
in the country, for various innovative and eco-friendly herbal pesticide, organic Products, plant growth
promoters and regulators for sustainable agricultural practices. Consequently, The Devagan Company has also established Only One manufacturing units in Telangana,
with well-equipped, industry leading facilities and an in-house R&D center. These facilities are not only to maintain the quality of the product but also to provide new and innovative products with improved potential.
Devagan, While we collaborate, we are continuously working towards bringing revolutionary solutions for Crop Protection to make a lasting change in the global food system. Devagan is determined to provide growers with technologies and solutions to improve the productivity and sustainability of there farming operations without impacting the environmental balance.

We believe there’s more to agriculture than a healthy and profitable crop, which is why we are on a quest to find productive, effective and sustainable ways of farming for one generation to the next.

What we Do

Sourcing Only the Highest Quality Products

We Source Quality Input Material from through screening of our Suppliiers in various screening trsts that meetglobal standards.

Doctor Approved

Trusted By Millions of Farmers Around the Country.

Devagan Agritech is the altername for best in class agro chemicals that help protect & produce best yield of any crop.

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